My affiliate application was declined for low traffic!!

hello all, Wondering if this happened to anybody else? my Envato affiliate app got declined for low site traffic. most of my referrals via email, I rarely use my website, what can I do to fix that?

thanks in advance.


If you can’t pull more or increase traffic then how they approve you application ?My opinion start affiliate on your website then you will get good traffic hope envato approved you application

You can get good guidance about Envato affiliate from @emile_b or


Hello and thanks for replying, like i said most my referrals through email, i never had an application declined for such thing anywhere else before, and based on what you’re saying how do you guys partner with start up blogs, because everyone gotta start somewhere. Thanks again for your response.

Dear sir my application was declined for low traffic

i need Affiliate Account i give you good sale please approve my id
username TIPU322

Thank you

I think it’s best if you get some decent traffic to your site first. Once you have good traffic then apply for the affiliate program.

If you don’t have enough traffic, you wouldn’t be able to makes sells the first place right?

Good luck.

I run affliate program with ThemeForest before. Everything was good, I did earn some money. But you declined my application when transfering to because of low traffic. What do you mean? How much is enough?
Please help, thank you

Hi @xx7879,
The URL you registered didn’t seem to have any valid content on it.
Please email a brief description on how you plan to promote Envato and the traffic sources you’ll be using.


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sir chek mail email thank you