My AE Projects consecutively hard rejected. WHY?

I don't know why my projects consecutively hard rejected. Are these projects so bad that none of them get accepted?

I think that the reason is not in my projects. Because I see worse projects acceptance.

Below links to previews my projects

Fabric Logo Reveal

Wedding invitation

Dynamic Slideshow

I ask for your opinion.


Hello, they’re not terrible, atleast all of them seem to be animating at a readable, understandable pace. Thats a good start! But they’re still lacking quite a bit before they can reach the minimum approval quality.

Fabric Logo - no logo animation, it just appears, and it’s probably an overused idea that was popular years ago. So lacks originality, animation style and execution quality.

Wedding invitation - lacks animation, text isnt animated, the flowers also aren’t animating in high quality or even better standards (in my “high standard’s” every leaf should be moving a bit maybe). Looks more like a rought storyboard of wedding invitation animation, than a finished peace. I get that it’s going for that simpler look, but that was good maybe yeaaars ago. Now the market looks and demands other things in terms of design, animation, transitions etc. Again check best selling related projects and you will understand.

Dynamic Slideshow - more like no eased keyframes slideshow :smiley: That’s the first mistake, then the whole text & video “fields” animations… They’re moving but they don’t inspire any feelings of “cool”, “wow” or “smooottthhh” or “damn that was so well cut together and animated”. Animating something, somehow, without much thought, originality, style and “cool factor” just isn’t enough in this very competitive market. Again, just like other projects, this lacks unique idea/approach, quality design and quality animation.

So all in all you need to get much better at design and then at animation. Youtube is your teacher and Behance your inspirer and trend setter. After some time and lots of practice you will stand a chance to get approved. Good luck! :wink:

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