My advice to boost your sales on Envato

Hi dear authors,

I just come up to a conclusion during my best selling periods and I want to share it with you and get your feedback and if any of you already experienced it.

I noticed that when I update my items, the sales increase, it like buyers are looking for newly updated items, and they stay away from old updated items.

Another things that most of authors ignore, try to reply to comments as soon as possible, future buyers are more likely to scroll down your comments section to see if there is any issues and how quickly you solve them.

That’s what I have to say, and if anyone have something else, you can leave a comment



So, you’re saying - Let’s be updating millionaires? :laughing:

That’s funny, because we update when it is needed not when we need some extra bucks. Anyhow, thanks for your tip.

No offense, seriously.

That’s a great observation @ERROPiX When I consider a piece of software, I ALWAYS look for recent update dates, it influences my decision indeed.

Not that what I mean, I mean keep adding new features (updates) to let buyers feel that the item is active and not abandoned

I noticed that because when I release new update, the item receive more new sales

I got you @ERROPiX and I agree with you.

@ERROPiX Thanks for sharing the information. I agreed, because most of the buyers check “Get notified by email if this item is updated” and whenever an author releases the update, buyers receive email notification. Which means auto email marketing :wink:

Agreed with 2nd point as well. Because most of the buyers are very careful about purchasing an item. It is rare case when any buyer doesn’t contact author for support :smiley: . So they prefer item whose support is really good.

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Thanks for Sharing this tips :slight_smile:

i agree with you , because when i updated my items they started selling . i also think that new updates more important for buyers :slight_smile:

Few weeks ago I have update 13 items names and then 16 items names.
Sales almost stops… don’t want to experiment any more.
oh… 16 updatet items was to give back original names )))
Really, sometimes it helps. But I think only if you change name that does not show the essence of the track.
Wish you, guys much sales and best possible commercial names, description and tags in upload process!

Well, for names that make the difference to search rank. but updates works more for themeforest and codecanyon, where people look for up to date plugins and themes, so frequent updates make buyers confident about future bug fixes and compatibility.

I guess other marketplaces like audiojungle items wont need any updates and wont be outdated!

Nice Tips :blush:
Thanks for sharing your knowledge :wink:

Digiphic Studio

Thanks for sharing, its very useful :slight_smile: