My activation code does not work as a result of the vendor update.

My activation code does not work as a result of the vendor update.

The license code of the AutoZone design I purchased by Themeforest has changed and it does not work. Because of their mistake, they want me to get a support package for 44 dollars. The design they sell is already $ 60. How can I solve this problem without giving + 44 dollars due to manufacturer error?

What is the issue? What makes you sure it is the authors error?

If it’s genuinely a bug with the item that the author created then it’s reasonable to expect them to fox or for free.

What explanation or justification did the author give?

When did you purchase the item?

If it was outside of the last six months, and the issue is not site wide for all buyers, then beyond the support period, the author is right. You could look for freelance help but this is going to be far more than extending author support

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Hi, charlie4282 . You’re asking the right questions ) He just forgot to deactivate the old site since it was more than 1 year ago , but we already helped him do it . Have a nice weekend.


So nothing at all to do with ‘manufacturer error’ or ‘the vendor update’…

I forgot to deactivate the old licence in the amazon web site instance before reinstall a new instance and now the purchase code doesn’t work. Coul you help me.?

You’d have to email the author with your purchase code and see if they can help

Thanks, but i’ cannot see the email author. The theme is “AUTOZONE AUTO DEALER & CAR RENTAL THEME” by ThemeForest…

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