My account was suspended and I had licensed themes inside

Hello. i had a subscription until 2 weeks ago, but for some unknown reason, my account was suspended, and I had Themes that I had previously purchased, for which I had paid, and now I can’t download themes because my account is suspended. How can I access the themes I have purchased? Is it possible to transfer to another account ? Because I paid high fees for all of them and bought them, and now I can’t use the services I bought. Could you help me on this?what about the themes that I have purchased and paid for? I want my money back. If they suspended my account, but they won’t tell me why they did it, and I need themes, and I can’t use it because my account is suspended.


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please Get in touch with Envato Market Support ASAP via this link

In the ‘Tell us more’ dropdown select:
‘My account is locked’

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