my account was locked for no reason

Hi, my account was locked for no reason last night. I immediately wrote to customer service for support and ask why, what did i do wrong, which rules i broke…and this is answer. this is all nonsense **

" Unfortunately like all companies, we have a number of internal policies in place which, for business reasons, we do not divulge. After reviewing your application for service, we are unfortunately unable to re-enable your account."**

What does it mean, which internal policies? Which rules? show me which rules i broke?

i answered like this… still one return my answer.

WHATTTT, what does it mean not be re-enabling, are you kidding me?
**What did i do, i dont do illegal things or something like that. i’m using this account almost 3-4 years and i got a lot of themes, almost 400-500$. **
**and today i’m trying to buy new theme but cant, i removed my old credit card and want to will install new one but this locked. **
Maybe i’m using vpn, this can be reason.
it’s not fair, I didn’t do anything , Pls unlocked my account, i have a lot of web site this using themes,

I say show me what I did wrong, but all they say is internal policies, which internal policies. We will spend hundreds of dollars and buy many apps and themes, but even if I did not do anything wrong, you will destroy my account. Right now I am afraid of opening a new account and buying something new, because I am afraid that you will close it as well. PLEASE KEEP MY ACCOUNT BACK TO ME

Hi @Farus, please keep in touch with the Envato support team. only they can assist you when it is an account issue. Thanks

they do nothing, they still not answer my last mail, because i 'm sure i do not anything wrong. Where else can I mail, which department is more competent

you have already submitted support ticket and your ticket should forward to the right department. So, please keep in touch with the open ticket and give them time to reply you. Thanks

still no1 answer my question

As mentioned, only the Help Team can assist with this. We aren’t able to address account issues here in the forum. Thanks!