My Account Locked After Purchasing HTML Template

need advice, i was purchase this HTML Template

after pay with my Credit card, i get notification on envato web about my account locked.

i was submit request to unlocked my account, but still this day i don’t get a email or notification about my account status.

i try to sign in on envato market and my account still locked, please need advice asap, thank you


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please open a Help ticket and let them know, if you didn’t already. Also you can see this detailed thread on what may be happening.


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thank you for response my issue.
i was submit a request, but i don’t get a email notification about my request ticket.
this day i was sent my request ticket again, but still don’t get a email notif about my request ticket.


please don’t open multiple ticket because it can increase open ticket volume and can delay to reply. reply can be delay in case of weekend and holidays. Please keep patience, hope you will receive reply soon.

Thanks for your patience

thank you dear friend
my account was unlocked, but my item still on my cart and my last purchase not successfully.
i will contact my credit card to make sure there is no payment.
thank you very much