My account is locked until now

Can someone help us, because we are very scared now, our account still locked for 2 days until now , all our item is not available anymore, and loss potential earning for 2 days and so on, and our buyer couldn’t download our item or contact us for support in themeforest.

We have on travelling to other country right now so maybe that is the reason our account is locked when we sign in from other country.

We have open ticket 2 days ago but still not resolved until now. Our ticket number is 377807. Hope if we open this thread can speed up of to make our account live again.

And sorry for my bad english


I’m sorry to hear that, it sucks I know.
Did you try tweeting them @envato_help with your ticket ID? I tried this before and their response was super speedy. Give it a crack. :wink:

Yes, I have tried it, but still not answer until now,

Have you gotten your account unlocked?

it has been resolved with envato team. thanks to envato team :slight_smile:

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