My Account is Locked after Request A Refund from Extendons - Woocommerce Direct Checkout, Skip Cart / Checkout on Same Page PLUGIN

I have bought Extendons - Woocommerce Direct Checkout, Skip Cart / Checkout on Same Page PLUGIN from But this plugin does not work. Yesterday, I Requested a refund, Today My Account is locked! I want my account back and I need a full Refund of this plugin.

This Plugin extendons “Woocommerce Direct Checkout, Skip Cart / Checkout on Same Page”

This bad experience makes me disappointed and will not trust buying things from codecanyon/ themeforest anymore. I wonder why this low-quality plugin is sold on this place. Because the plugin has Never Worked since I bought this 20 days ago. Any function as described cannot be used on my website and also broken my website already. Furthermore, the Plugin team is so lazy. (Low - responsibility) They’re Not Active, using only a little bit of time of the day trying to fix the broken plugin. BUT take a long time - more over 20 days until today the plugin still does not work. The problems did not be fixed until now. Moreover, they fixed on my real website! So the in-use website stopped working for a long period of time, every day (Except Saturday/ Sunday/ and their local Festival holiday that they’re not working for this). They, besides, did not ask me for permission. They fixed the site in any period of time and left the broken site ran overnights. So my business cannot run continuously. My customer cannot checkout. (This Plugin directly affects the checkout system). This makes direct damages and lost to my business. I don’t want to waste time anymore and I Need a Refund.


Open a Envato Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.
At here(Envato Forum)no one can help you out from this issue so you must get in touch with Envato Customer Success.


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