My Account is Blocked

I have had a Themeforest membership for about 7 years. I purchased many themes. I tried to log in to my account to purchase a new theme but I couldn’t. My account has been blocked. I’ve contacted your support team. They sent a message saying that the problem was solved. But the problem persists. I created another account. While making the payment, my account was blocked again. I’ve been trying to buy a theme for a week. My work was disrupted. I wonder how this problem will be solved.

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Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account.

Please don’t create another account. At first you will need to resolve the main account otherwise all of your try will be blocked.

Please reply the email where they mentioned the account has been solved and let them know that the problem persists. Don’t crate multiple support ticket, just reply the already opened ticket. Hope soon they will assist you to fix the account issue.


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I’m having the same problem, man. Many people have started to experience this problem. I think Envato needs to solve this problem radically. I bought a theme and I cannot log in to my account, I cannot use the theme, I have my payment receipt. The fee was not refunded. I called the bank and they said there was no problem and the payment was made. The bank employee stated that there was no action taken for the refund. I sent an e-mail to Envato, but they have not written to me for a solution yet.

Please keep patience. Envato support team will reply your ticket as quickly they can and will assist you.


Of course we are waiting. But there are many people experiencing this problem, I think this topic has started to increase in the forum.

Actually it is Envato internal security measure and I don’t know the background. But I believe Envato is giving this type of support request top priority. Hope you all will get a solution soon.

I hope so.