My account is blocked, support gives no explanation after talking to them

I paid the $33/mo subscribtion a few weeks ago, and today I found out that you refunded me and my account got blocked. After telling this to your support thisis what they said:

Hi Antonio,

Regrettably, after further investigation, we’re using our discretion and will not be re-enabling your account.

Thinesh P

So without any explanation I get blocked, with my card info still inside your system?? I pitched an audio track to a costumer which now I have to download and there’s no way to do it.

Please elaborate,


And you have no clue whatsoever why they would give you such a response?

They usually have that type of communication when there has been payment fraud or characterized violation of the terms, associated with the user.

I am sorry, but there is nothing you can do. They must have very serious reasons to do that.