My Account got locked after purchase of a Wordpress theme

Hello, I am so pissed off right now. I created an account with Themeforest, made a $85.52 payment for Motors Wordpress theme and immediately after payment I got locked out of my account. Meanwhile funds have left my card already.

I feel so disgusted right now. Why is my account locked?
How am I going to get my money back if you don’t want to give me the product I bought?

Is Themeforest a scam as well, that they now take people’s money and run away without delivering the proposed products?

I am so disgusted at this sort of service.

I need my account unlocked so I can get the product I paid for.

If your account is locked just right after the purchase, it means your credit card or the country that you access the site may be on the blacklist.

You need to contact the support for the details to create a ticket but I assume you won’t get your account back and your refund process already started. It may take 7-14 working days to get the refund.

Thank you for your response. But please are you sure they will refund me?

They already replied that they won’t be unlocking my accounts. I don’t know what crime I committed by purchasing from Themeforest. So sad.

Refunds are issued automatically in these cases. In fact, it’s possible that your card wasn’t truly charged, and what you see is just a temporary authorization. Feel free to respond to your ticket and ask for confirmation on this, they can check on it for you.

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