My Account Deactivated Because of Paypal dispute and I can reactivate it

I have an old Envato account and there are tons of paid themes and applications in my old envato account which is deactivated because of a paypal dispute about a product.
The last product l bought from envato was not working and I contact with the seller and he didnt give me enough support. Because of that l opened a dispute on Paypal. I wasnt aware about Envato’s Paypal dispute policy.
Envato Deactivated my account years ago.
I opened 100 of requests via forms to reactivate my account on
But no1 is getting back to me and no1 is reactivating my account.

I paid 1000’s of dollars for the paid themes and apps in my deactivated account.

Now can any envato moderator advice me how can l reactivate my account?
Pls dont say me to submit a form on because no1 is responding back to these form submissions.
is there a phone l can call? or any direct contact email?
Waiting any advices.

Same issue here:

No, you cannot activate the account and noone here can help you.

It doesn’t work that way. Once you request a refund from PayPal and ignore Envato, your account will be blocked.

Ki-Themes just told what is Envato’s rules.

You can find all the information here.

I’m here as a volunteer as the rest of the “moderators”. With that attitude and the way how you “write” you’re not going to reach any place.

I have explained the situation already why it happened, it’s your problem if you like the answer or not.

As the Envato agreement, if you haven’t read properly, you’re entitled to solve the refund issues through Envato support. If you take an action by charge-back from the company/bank who processed the payment, you’re taking the responsibility for your own actions

27. Disputes lodged with payment agents : If, as a buyer via your Envato Market account, you lodge a dispute with a payment agent, this will result in a freezing of your Envato Market account until the dispute raised with the payment agent has been cancelled. This makes it very complex to resolve any related issues, and means we cannot make payments or issue refunds out of your Envato Market account, so we encourage buyers to contact us directly first to see if we can help resolve any concerns.