My account blocked without any warning from Envato


My name is Efe Karadağlı, I am a motion designer for six years. I use envato products from time to time in my job. I bought “The Most Handy Motion Presets for Animation Composer” about two years ago and use it all the time. It is an After Effects preset which you need to activate with Item Purchase Code every single time. After purchasing the product, I formatted my computer many times and each time I could reactivate the product with this code.

Last week I reformatted my computer and when I tried to activate the product I noticed the code was rejected, so I decided to log into my envato account and found my account blocked as well.

I opened a ticket but they didn’t help me properly. They sent me the same copy paste text every time and said they couldn’t open my account back. But I don’t know what did I wrong?

I am a taxpayer designer in my country and if you want me to prove my identity, my bills, I can do it.

I can’t access the products I bought before nor my account neither.

This situation has victimized me a lot and I am waiting for help in this regard.

Thank you,

Efe Karadağlı (utopixel)


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Account related issues should go through envato support. Please open a Help ticket and let them know. Also you can see this detailed thread on what may be happening.



Thank you for your response but the help team didn’t help me at all. They gave me irrelevant answers every single time.

-I don’t know what did I wrong and why my account was blocked

-I can’t access the product I bought 2 years ago because purchase code was blocked as well.

At least I deserve an explanation. I’m really having trouble because of this situation in my business.

Thank you!

Why nobody cares about my problem? I get no answers from here, I get no answers to my emails. Envato made me very disappointed

Unfortunately noone in the forums will be able to help with this.

What was the “irrelevant“ answer support gave you? It seems unlikely that they would not give some indication as to what happened or what you need to do?

Even their stock answers do that