My 5th rejected project. Please help me.

Please help me. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have prepared 5 projects and I don’t know what to correct. I wait your feedback.
All flares and particles pre-rendered PNG rgb+alpha. Full color customization. 2 version
Data Center scene created 3D model by me. Pre-Rendered PNG rgb+alpha.

I think first project (the one with a lightning strike) is not bad, but maybe if you work on a real logo and not with the word LOGO using a simple font, that could be different for good.
Second project, 3D is ok but you need to add more “techno” details to the atmosphere, try to fill the black square space with something, not just black, and the reveal is ok to me but again, maybe working on a real logo and not that big bold font.
Good Luck!! Don´t give up!! :+1:


Thank you! I will consider your advice!

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