My 4 items in the queue are no longer visible on my dashboard πŸ˜•

Hello everyone,

I had 4 items in the queue waiting for review, one of them for 14 days and they have disapeared from my dashboard :confused:

What can I do?

they are in soft reject.

Just received the 4 mails for soft rejecting a few minutes ago… I have been afraid ^^


BTW, for each of my items, it’s written at the top of the edit page this :

Requirements have changed since your file was last updated. To update your item, you must meet these requirements:
Documentation must be set or marked as N/A

The only one problem is that I don’t see where to set this

Any idea what is that! I am getting the same issue.

The same problem here.

hi, u should check your spam folder of your Mailbox , i guess u have probably had items rejected indeed , if not this will be worth trying to contact the help center …