My 3dcart website needs a Header stripe

I am not sure what to call what I need. I’ll try to explain; on ecommerce websites you may see on the home page a stripe or banner across the top with incentives. It may say “this much off this week” or free shipping this month" …I would love one. Where would I turn for that?

Hi @jdhunsberger,

Welcome to the forums! What you are looking after is called “notification bar”, but since you are using 3dcart for your shop, there’s probably no simple solution for this.

I’ve found this little jQuery item on CodeCanyon:

To add it to your shop you have to have coding knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery. Please make sure that 3dcart software allows you to upload and use external code.

Item above hasn’t been updated for 6 years, so you need to contact the author if his work can still be used with no issues (there’s no support offered for this item).



I can help you add it on your website, please message me here