My 3d object has been rejected. Can you help me what is the reason?

My 3d object has been rejected. It is high quality. I believe that I followed the instructions correctly.
What can be a problem ?
included help file, Psd and png
Preview 590x300 px
I prepared Png files 8.5x11 inch and 2550x3300 px
What am I missing?


i think it cannot be a technical problems … apart from logos where two things may lead u to have the thing hard rejected , normally otherwise u do not have hard rejections for technical issues , i mena unless they feel not convinced in the first place and see some technical issues in addition, i do not know …

for me your work looks good but i ma not an expert to say the least …i would just recommend that u introduce some more lighting on top of the ring … the most important part is the less transparent , the less lit and the less shining of all the object … think about it … people what they want this is more likely to value the precious part than just the support …

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