My 1st submission got a hard reject!

My first item got rejected after waiting for 14 days. I cant figure out the reason as i follow the guidelines and all the quality needed. I did not get any advice but instead I was informed I cannot submit the item again. I spent 1 week , day and night to create my 1st submission and this is very disappointed for me as I put a lot of effort creating this original design. anyone can give me some advice. here is the link of the preview.

I appreciate some feed back from you.

The shadows looks off and the light needs improvements. Also the presentation is quite dull.

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hi i agree with my friend @DesignSomething , his observations are quite true indeed. I would add though that the need to have different kind of shadows global shadow, contextual shadow, etc … and otherwise , there is a another thing missing, this is dodging and burning so that the light looks more convincing and realistic indeed. I recommend the excellent channel of Nemanja Sekulic, for both issues, watching his videos will enable u to take your game to the next level … as unlike some great designers youtube channels he takes the time to explain quietly the process and how to do