My 1st AJ track, i've put a month of work was hard rejected ( Please advice

Reviewer’s comment:

we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.
Unfortunately, this submission doesn’t meet AudioJungle’s commercial quality guidelines overall, and can’t be accepted.
Audio must be fully composed, arranged, mixed and/or mastered to a commercial standard, and have reasonable potential utility to our commercial buyers, for their varied projects. Ideal audio submissions should demonstrate the ability to support multiple visual works in general. A higher degree of general commercial viability would therefore be required.

I can’t really understand - is it not enough quality mixed or mastered ? Or composed ?
Totally confused. I’ve put so hard work in it, doing my best and here we go…
Now i need fully rewrite, recompose, remix and remaster it ??
I thinking about submitting it to another stock.

Please advice, guys.
Thanks in advance.

First off - definitely submit to another stock! can’t hurt!

I’m not on my studio cans but from what I can tell it’s really hitting the limiter pretty hard and sounds a little distorted on the top end is probably what caused the rejection. It’s pretty crispy on the high-end all together but especially the big shots and booms sound like they’re clipping a little?

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But i’m exclusive author at AJ. If i submit it elsewhere i won’t be able to resubmit it here…
Anyway, thanks for the mixing and mastering advice, you got the point.
BUT, as i understand from the rules: if u just remix and remaster, i still won’t be able to resubmit, as far as it was hard rejected, so it means i need totally rewrite the song, right ? Hmmm.

You need to make significant improvements in order to be able to resubmit it. In this case, if it were only a mix issue, it would have been soft rejected. But from the text it looks like they rejected the track as such (i. e. composition and mixing/mastering). So probably it’s best to submit it somewhere else and write something new.

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Probably you’re right.
Any other thoughts about why it was rejected ?
Personally i’m pretty sure it’s enough ‘composing quality’ for overall AJ level and mixed/mastered not bad too.
Maybe it has too compex melodic structure and arrangement comparing to common AJ ‘background style’ music ?

If I had to guess I’d say that the reviewer did not find the style and structure of the track particularly well suited as background music. It’s not a track that you can easily put behind a lot of visuals, the cutter would need to pay attention to many breaks, changes, etc. I’d shoot for a clearer build and structure next time. Less is often more.

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Yeah precisely, so if it were me, I’d just tweak my mix a bit and submit this at the other stocks on carry on with another piece unless you’re super sure that this is gonna be an AJ “hit” :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys!
You helped a lot to clear the issue.

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