My 10Th HTML template got hard reject - Why?

My 10th HTML template was rejected by the Envato reviewer. Despite dedicating months to analyzing the Envato quality standard. Now, I am gone totally upset. I don’t how to get ThemeForest approval. please send suggestions & guide me.

You’re not there yet. The over-all design is not good to be sold as “premium item”

Aside from the design issues this is not suitable for HTML - having to manually create a new item page and the subsequently update listing pages every time there’s a new item to bid on would be insanity and needs to be managed properly using a dynamic CMS

This is a static HTML template, by using customers can easily use it for their business.

So every individual item that goes on for sale will mean buyers having to create a new item page and to update the existing listings page, manually.

That is a ton of work which would be easily automated using a CMS which makes static html not suitable and would almost certainly contribute to the rejection

okay got it, thanks for the response