MVC1000 Warning in Skote

I recently bought the Skote theme and was able to get it working. I wanted to build just a small application so I started a new MVC project and copied into it just the layout pages. But now I am getting a MVC1000 warning message on the HTMLPartial commands and the pages do not render correctly - I see the text on the page, but no formatting. Any thoughts on what I did wrong?


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We are not able to help here, in the forums, with technical issues regarding a specific item from the market, but if you contact the theme developer, he’ll definitely know how to help. You can quickly contact theSkote theme developer using this form:

Thanks, but maybe I worded it wrong. It is not specific to that theme. In general, how do you get partial views to work? Are there certain scripts or something that need to be loaded first? Would that question be good for the forum?