Musical IQ Test.

Hello fellow authors. Lately, I’ve been spotting many authors who are experiencing submission rejection. The reasons are sometimes clear and easy to spot. Flaws in the arrangement, lack of development, not so appealing sound design, unbalanced mix, and master. But most of the times, the reasons are the flaws in the musical approach. Every song has its own story and every instrument has to tell its own story. The cohesivity and synergy of the song are achieved through knowledge, experience, and musical background. Both as genetic inherited and years of intense, assiduous music study. I would like to suggest you spend a few minutes and take a little test developed by the researchers at Harvard University regarding " how people make sense of music they hear " - Quote. Enjoy your time and hope this helps. Link to the test below.


Thanks for sharing this @Soundtrickz . Nice Test. My musical IQ is 124 - not perfect, but I knew this before.
Mistuning Perception: 119
Beat Alignment: 125
Melodic Discrimination: 128


@Daydreamz-Studios . Good results :+1:

Here is mine :slight_smile:

114 !
Beat Alignment: 115
Mistuning Perception: 110
Melodic Discrimination: 117

Not surprised me, It’s true to what I thought of my perceptions (Also some distraction around)


Guys.I really appreciate you took your time and take this test. Also, a great appreciation for those who posted their results. This is a proof of confidence and verticality. Although, its supposed to be for yourself. Like a scale for your objective hearing sense. Posting results is not necessary. Cheers, and good work.

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well, that ruined my day… 93 on beat alignment! jeez


Thank you @Soundtrickz .
It was a fun adventure!
For those who have not yet passed this test: I recommend taking it at your usual workplace (good headphones, monitors). Not in a smartphone with a headset.
And the second point: it was unusual for me to choose the worst. On this, a couple of mistakes were made. But this did not greatly affect the overall result. Moreover, it will not affect sales in any way.
I treated this test as an entertaining game.

Grand Total: 107


@Romantic_City . Indeed. Nothing to do with sales. But it will help authors, especially the unexperienced ones who were facing rejections to find themselves the center. The unbiased, musical objectivity.Good work.:+1:

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Cool test!



Overall: 121

Turns out I kind of suck at rythmics. Damn you quantize function! Oh, and Elements and price dumping too, hahaha!



@WormwoodMusic . Don’t blame yourself. The test is deliberately built to make listener avoid the focus point. At tuning tests , for example there are other instruments in the mix which are slightly out of tune, in order to alter your perception of the dominant. So your focus point is deviated. Good results. :+1:

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Overall 128 but I kinda struggled with the mistuning perception which I thought would be my strongest area. I blame Melodyne :laughing:


@add9audio . Nice result👍

Interesting test. My musical IQ is 125.

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Our estimate of your Musical IQ is 111 :sweat_smile: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: i will try better

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Some of those beat alignments and tuning examples sounded really close, but I guess that’s what separate us ordinary people from the ones with super hearing :joy:
I blame it on my age.

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@Hyperprod . Age? :laughing: . My ENT asked me if i am exposed to loud, prolonged noise or sound sources. I told him i worked + 25 years as music producer and 15 years of live music in an Industrial/darkwave band. Does it count? The expression on his face …priceless.


:rofl: Well, one is never too young to blame it on the age.

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If you’ve had spent your life in a silent environment ( which I doubt ), maybe you should blame it on age. But yes, age + all of the above. Simple math. :laughing:

No, not exactly…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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