Music video made with Stock Footage


This music video was made with stock footage with the singer composited into the scenes-

I recognized some Pressmaster clips!

Some scenes may be slightly nsfw. just slightly.


Good job done! I love how smooth and mostly absolutely natural they mixed stock footage with singer. Yes, recognized many clips from Pressmaster. Thank you for sharing FluxVFX - always great to see complex results from single stock items.

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1:39 - Fantast Castle (Serbia, Becej), few driving minutes from my home :slight_smile:



There is no my items : )


wow! really nice work!


Hahaha Great idea! Effectively done! - From Footage Central


love this! appreciate the time it took and attention to detail with getting the right lighting and shading to match greenscreen footage to blend into the scenes.

Weird Al Yankovic on a good day.


How much did that cost you?

footagecentral said

How much did that cost you?

I can’t begin to imagine…!