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Hello, beautiful people, even if I have been in the wonderful community for a while, still do not fully understand the licenses thing…

My main question is when buyers buy my track, how much level could they modify it to fit there project? I mean of course they can cut it down or edit it without actually change the content or arrangement of the music. However, can they modify the music itself? like reinforce the melodic line with other instrument or sound? something about the arrangement at some level?

Another question is basic I think… How Audiojungle measure the broadcast audience for like 1 million or 10 million?

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The license terms do not address your first question. So buyers could in theory re-arrange your music. However, this is not a thing in most cases, as buyers usually do not have the knowledge, the need nor the time to do that. But I guess it could theoretically happen.

As for your second question, AJ does not measure nor control anything. As the direct seller, it’s up to you the author to protect your assets and your rights. Broadcast audience doesn’t need to be measured anyway, as the terms mention the potential reach and not the actual audience having heard your music. It means that what counts to determine the correct required license is the size of a channel rather than the performance of a given show/segment.

Hope it helps!

Thank You ! PurpleFog.

For further discussion of the second question. As an author, most of the time we do not know where our music ends up with. Every time we got a sale we can only know which license our customers buy. So if one day I hear my music in a broadcast, without the watermark of course, however, I won’t know which license they buy. The cheapest one or the 1 million one, right? I just have this final little confuse. Again, thank you for your reply.

Well, though it’s far from ideal, we are not left completely in the dark. We are provided with some info about the buyer (when you click on the invoice number in your statement tab), with a bit of detective work through Google and social networks, you can find out what project your music is used on. There is also an extremely important tool called TuneSat, that can detect when your music is being broadcast in most western countries.

By doing that detective work and using TuneSat, I was able to find on three occasions that my music had been broadcast with an incorrect license, and was able to get buyers to get the appropriate one (one of those went from $38 to $1000, so it can be really worthwhile)


Wow! That is really informative! I know we got the invoice, but did not know we can use it this way! And also the TuneSat you mentioned. Thank you so much!

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Cool article! Thank You!