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Hello everyone in the community! I’ve had an account for a couple of years now but I haven’t been active. This whole corona virus situation gave me extra time to try composing, but I only had rejections. As a guitarist, I tried rock music, funk, happy ukulele song, dramatic news intro… but nothing. I still have just one single track from over a year ago. The interesting thing is that it was the first track I ever sent and it was accepted, all others were rejected. Now I’m completely confused. My question is: Is there any current music trend, genre or anything that is currently a topical theme for composing and I may have slept through? Thanks in advance.

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Hi- I’m new here, but I can tell you that everywhere I look, I cannot find one thing that helps me in putting together videos, ads, etc. I write true crime and I put together ads for my books. I also am starting a vlog. All the music and themes evolve around the same things- and sound alike, just in different tones. Hope that helps?

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Thank You for response. I noticed that many of the tracks are almost identical from different authors. Even the same author has a ton of almost identical tracks with a few changes, another tonality, bit rate, but the pattern is the same. Obviously, if they make sales, then customers ask for it. It is very difficult to find the right formula when everything has turned into a pattern.I wish you all the best and thank you again. Greetings .

Hi there! Indeed, a lot of authors have templates that they constantly use to create very similar tracks, same harmony, same structure, same sound. Some people say that selling music on AJ is a game of numbers - the more you upload the more you sell. I still can’t deal with this fact, so I spend days and weeks working on a single track, while others make sales.
Nevertheless, very often I see tracks that are really really good! that good so I think to myself I wish I created them :slight_smile: I guess we need to learn how to be both creative and not creative at the same time, find a balance between creativity and mass production, so we could produce more, sell more and have good relations with our conscience.
Speaking about music trends - I think they basically the same as always. The overall sound quality is better now, because we have new cool plagins and samplers and audio interfaces, but in general nothing changes, imo


Thanks so much for getting involved in this topic. I understand the dilemma. I can only wish you much success in your future work. Best regards.

“Some people say that selling music on AJ is a game of numbers - the more you upload the more you sell. I still can’t deal with this fact, so I spend days and weeks working on a single track, while others make sales.”

Now it is more the game of dumpers. You can load constantly 3-4 tracks per week but all of them will be lost in tons of 5$ tracks (this is my situation). In this difficult times when only cheaters and elite authors have good sales we just can improve our skills and try to make really interesting and cool tracks and maybe once some big company will buy your music with mass production license. I know that it is just business but all we want that AJ will support creativity and probity. Good luck with sales.


“You can load constantly 3-4 tracks per week but all of them will be lost in tons of 5$ tracks”

I hope you’re not talking about me. I sell my tracks for 9$ and you sell yours for 19+ but I set that price because I’m honest with myself about the quality of my music. I’m not a professional, I’m just learning to create music in my living room, and even if my tracks were approved, they still can’t fully contend with top experienced authors. I need weeks to come out with something good, more or less, so I’m not a “dumper” or “cheater” or anything like that.

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Sure, it’s up to u which price to set. But I checked you portfolio, tracks sound good. Maybe u should be less critical of yourself. Anyway 9$ - is not good for you, for me and for many authors because it devalue our music. If you feel awkwardness there is min recommended price (15$) )))

P.S. pls don’t take it like call to action, just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, Similar thoughts here… I´ve been away from AJ for 4 years after I registered. Now I started to create content. I´ve had items approved but I´m afraid that because of the saturated market only Elites and Top Sellers thrive and we who just started don´t have any chance for any decent sales. …I´m afraid that I´ll spend all my time creating the best content I can only to notice that I really should have started 4 years ago :sweat_smile: …Is there any hope for newbies…? :thinking:

Thank you all for joining this thread. I’m definitely not the only one struggling with this. I think in order to compose music like this, you have to brainstorm otherwise. And that can be a problem for those who have high standards when it comes to music in general. I open someone’s portfolio and listen to the tracks one by one. Then I say to myself “Ok, this is easy for me! Now try the same pattern, same style, same instruments” … but somehow I can’t! I’m a musician for over 20 years, some say I’m a great guitar player, I worked on an exclusive cruiser as a musician and I don’t know how to make simple, cheerful corporate music. Shame on me. Greetings to everyone!

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Yes It is time for all activation of old thing or we have desired in past. Get fun to create new thing in life

Yes, in AJ it’s all about uploading regularly. You skip your uploads for even one week and your sales will hurt. And also yes, there is a lot of “on-trend” musical styles in here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve or innovate on those genres. The feel of a song is everything, and every single successful track in AJ shares that exact same feel, regardless of genre.

Aside from the usual corporate/sport/happy kids music, I’ve seen a couple genres taking off in here that didn’t sell a lot before: those are Meditation music (soft, ambient tracks for doing Yoga and that) and Documentary music (very atmospheric, not neccesarily downright dramatic). So, there you go. Happy composing.


I am very grateful for your comment! I wish you all the best in your future work! Cheers.

Hi! Thank you for joining the conversation - true, finding something specific might be difficult… do you have any references of what kind of tracks you are looking for? I think it would be helpful for all the authors here :wink: