music tracks

Is music purchased from audiojungle fully mixed or does it come as discrete tracks that can be separated?

It’s fully mixed, mastered and ready to go, you can download the watermarked preview and check if it fits well into your project.

Thanks, but I was hoping the tracks were separate. I’ve found several tunes that I like for an inhouse video I’m producing, but in some cases I’d prefer to start a piece off with slow underling background chords and then bring up the more energetic melody and rhythm tracks.

You can contact author through the special form on profile page and ask about your custom needs. Usually authors a happy to help and provide required version of a track or maybe separate stems (like «each instrument in separate file»)

You can also check if the track you like has a music kit available:

Although not as flexible as discrete tracks, these tracks come divided into loops that are almost like building blocks that you can arrange to your videos needs.