Music Track rejected?

I’ve received an e-mail that my music track is rejected.
They said “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”

I would love to receive some feedback from you since I’ve invested some time on the project and I don’t want to waste my time again on the next track.

Mighty powerful stuff. Very aggressive. Too much so, it would seem, for Audiojungle.

When creating stock music, it often helps to imagine a possible usage scenario or even a specific sort of product that could use the music as background for video.

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So you think that the problem is not in the production?

Honestly, I didn’t get that deep into it to really analyze the production. Seemed a little dry overall, but chances are the reviewer probably didn’t dig that deep into either. It just doesn’t sound like something that would sell here.

Can you think of a product or concept that could use this sort of track?

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I see. Thank you!

Yes, I can think of many uses for this track. Have you ever watched workout/heavy weightlifting videos on YouTube for example? I suppose not. :slight_smile: Many of them use precisely this kind of music. Any other extreme sport video would work as well.

If I’m picky, I could say that the snare is a little repetitive and boxy, and that the palm mutes seem rushed at times. Very tight, but I might have moved them so they’re a bit more laid back.

All in all, AJ can be a narrow-minded place, and the best solution is sometimes to send the track somewhere else.

Normally, with 90% of all the “why has my track been rejected?” posts on the forum, I tend to agree within 5 seconds, as it’s most often very clear why. This one, not so much, other than maybe what I wrote above, along with personal choice.

It’s a shame, really, that they won’t take more real and hard music like this. There is definitely a market for it.

I really liked your track!

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Thanks! I got really dissapointed since I’m a guitar player in a band and I wanted to sell metal music. So I can’t get what’s the problem now… The genre or something in my product? They said me that I “won’t be able to re-submit this item again”. I can’t get why?

Also I just want to know what to improve. That’s all. And I want to know if I will be able to sell my tracks on AJ.

I love your track, it’s awesome.
There are some tracks on AJ which have a comparable level of grrr. Here are some of the best that I found:

I think your track stacks up well against all of these in both production and composition, so don’t give up. Perhaps you were unlucky and got a reviewer who was easily frightened.
That being said, when comparing it to the more successful ones of the other’s that I mentioned, your track has some particularly dark harmonic tones (which as a listener, I love) that could possibly make it less usable for video producers, especially in the first/last section.
Production-wise, I think it’s great. The guitar has a great tone and a wonderful sense of relentless recklessness.
One thing that did stick out a little bit was the high-velocity snares, particularly the rolls (0:38), which sounded slightly artificial because they have a kind of ‘machine-gun’ effect.

I’d love to check out your band. Have you guys got any tunes online? If so, please share a link. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your time, man! I really appreciate it!
I’ve sent you a DM. You can check my band!

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