Music Track item number search works only on front page. Why?

I did not know it was possible to search by item number, but apparently it is from the front page. Try for yourself with an item number, it goes direct to the item track page.

But not from Music search (as usual):

Why? Has it always been like this?

Fun fact: If you write your track item number in the description somewhere, it becomes searchable in the music search as well.

two different search engines? Whaaaaaaatt!!!

It is weird indeed. I just checked VideoHive and it is the same thing, article number is searchable only from the very front page.

Hi @trent-aus

I saw you were participating in the GraphicRiver Search Results thread, and thought maybe you are involved with AJ search engine as well? If not, any idea of who could be tagged to join the conversation?

Many customers are missing the ability to search for item number, and obviously the cutting edge technology needed for this exists already on the front pages of the marketplaces :slight_smile: Maybe something as simple as a little “go to item number” box could be implemented in all the search engines?



You’ve caught us mid implementation! We’ve been working behind the scenes to add item ID search back across all markets. As you can see we haven’t finished this yet, our intention is that you will be able to search by item ID from any of the search boxes. I’ll update this thread once we have finished.



Can you please let me know which item you have this live with? I’m not sure I follow the issue you’re describing.


About the fun fact post above: I was only trying to find a way to make my own item numbers searchable. First I tried placing it in tags, did not work. So I tested placing it in description of one of my items and it worked. But never mind, since you are on the case, everything is good :slight_smile:

Item ID search now works again across Market.
Thanks for your patience.


It really works! Thank you! :+1: