Music titles no longer included !?

Since Envato upgraded the layout and payment, they did few changes.
Before, when you were watching any preview or demo, the music was linked, meaning, the author was always linking the sound theme to the Audio Jungle website.

In this way i discovered and bought many sound themes.

In this new layout, the sound theme is no longer linked and makes it impossible to find it and buy it if interested


ENOVATO: please bring back this great feature.

In order to be used in a video preview, the music has to be credited, it’s mandatory.

I’m guessing you’re talking about Elements, here. On Elements music is also supposed to be credited, but for some reason, most times it’s not. Envato is very well aware of this issue, as music authors are pretty mad at having their work exploited without any composition, nor exposure. Yet we’re still waiting for them to fix this, it’s been over a year…

You may want to hit support with your request, as they don’t seem to read the forums. Also, you can ask the video template author where the music can be found.

Five years later, Envato has been unable and/or unwilling to come up with a solution for this issue.

That speaks volume on how this company is run.

@KingDog, @BenLeong still nothing on that issue? Nothing at all? Why have so many video template authors on Elements been allowed to breach Envato’s terms regarding crediting used assets for such a long time?