Music/Songs cut before the end

Hello everyone,
Does anyone know why many songs that appear in Envato Elements, end (are cut off), before the end of the song!?

Many songs and interesting content, but unfortunately I can’t use it because the song doesn’t end correctly.

Does anyone know if this is normal and how I can fix it?!


Can be a loop what you bought?

One option to end the song is with a “fade out”.

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Hello my friend.
Yes, I think you are right. I went to check and they are loop songs!

Thanks for the warning, but since I don’t like ending songs in fade, is there any way to exclude loop songs from our search?


Uff, i know there is an option to search only loops. But to exclude loops i think there is no option right now.

It is actually possible to exclude looped items… but it’s kind of a hack. :sweat_smile: If you’re comfortable editing URLs, just add this to the end when performing a search:


Example: Royalty Free Ambient Music Tracks with Looped Audio: no

Unfortunately though, this only works on AudioJungle and not on Elements.

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Good one!!

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MANY THANKS! You are genius!!!

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