Music search by example

Hi, is it possible to find music by fragment example? Thanks!

You could try posting the sample here in the thread and see if anyone can come up with ideas.

Also, there is, or Shazam, depending on what you’re looking for.

I hope i understood you correctly :slight_smile: if you want to find the same fragment as in your example that in audiojungle only items with Public domain, but if you use fragment simply as an example in order to find work in the search, that you must know what name of your fragment, What kind of mood does he have.

Regards ilya and Have a good day :wink:

Oh… sorry for incomplete question. I saw this promo clip.

And I bet here is music from some kind of stock (it’s just right 1 min long).

Of course, Shazam couldn’t recognize it because it’s not a song and not a music of some popular composer. I thought if I can upload it here, maybe can find similar or even that music, like Google do with pictures.

Shazam will recognize anything that the composer has uploaded to their system. You can upload yourself singing in the shower and it will recognize it. It can be the least famous piece of music by the least famous person in the world. :slight_smile:

But, Soundizer did that here on AJ, don’t know if it’s up and running.

Sad, but both of them couldn’t handle it. Shazam and soundizer didn’t recognize it (((

The song used in the video is by the Swedish composer Johannes Bornelöf and is called Perceptible Shades 3. Not available on AudioJungle.


If not available here, maybe some composer from AJ can do something similar… :slight_smile:
but this would be a comissioned work?

You are GENIUS! It’s it! How did you find who is composer and this particular track? It’s just amazing )))
Sad that it’s not here, but I found it on the other site.

Hehe, I’ve heard some of his music before and recognized the track.