Music Rejection on AudioJungle, Approved in other libraries

Hello Everyone. I’m Aurosound Music and I’m new to this world of stock music licensing. I’ve done productions before as a beat maker selling beats to artists, but decided to step back from it and dive into stock music. I would like to know any tips to get music approved. I have submitted 2 tracks already and both got rejected. Strange thing is that they got approved in other marketplace, which makes me believe that the tracks are good (I’m a non exclusive author). Maybe AudioJungle is searching for something that I’m not providing.

I’ll attach a YouTube link for the tracks that got rejected on AJ, but approved in [removed by mod according to]:

LoFi Hip Hop Track

Why do you advertise your music as “copyright-free”?! That’s hurtful to all of us… and is simply not true. Music authors have to stop doing that.

Being accepted on that other marketplace is irrelevant as their standards are notoriously pretty low.

Now, your track is not that far from being acceptable for AJ, but there are some issues. The birds are way too loud and distracting to be used in videos. The resonance of the piano is too harsh.The bass could breathe a little more. Overall the track is too repetitive relative to its shortness, and lacks direction.

This is merely my opinion, take it as you like, hope it may help .


Hey, You say it is 100% no copyright but you’re trying to sell the license on other library. What do you expect from that? :joy:

I appreciate your “track feedback”.

If you read the description you’ll find the information regarding royalty free music that I provide for visitors. Nonetheless, thanks for your comment.

I appreciate your actual feedback. Your comment was actually helpful. I will take the necessary steps to improve.

Nonetheless, you say your music is copyright-free which is not true (nor is it really a thing). By misleading customers that way, you hurt our whole trade. We’ve been working hard, trying to rectify misconceptions about copyrights, and you throw it all away with this copyright-free scam.

I can agree that it can be misleading and that’s something that can be easily corrected by just changing the keyword in the title and not repeating the same mistake. Nonetheless, if I post a song to request feedback on a forum for actual authors (like the AJ system suggested when you receive the rejection email), I expect a feedback that doesn’t come from a lack of respect intention. Reading a comment that doesn’t even address the actual problem of rejection of a song, but rather focuses on sarcastic critique is something that I don’t agree with.

It’s a term that can be addressed with more respect like you did on your comment. But I guess not everyone has the good intention to help the community.

I appreciate your good intentions PurpleFog.

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