Music post rock ambient like Lights & Motion

Hi there

I’m looking for music for my new travel video (it’s about Sri Lanka).
I would love some music like Lights&Motion like “requiem” and “drift”.

I can’t seem to find something like them on Audiojungle. Anyone any suggestions?

It needs to have an ambient vibe but with a up-tempo part (for some action!!).

May I suggest this fabulous track I heard just this morning by @MorningLightMusic:

In fact, he’s got plenty more amazing cinematic-ambient style tracks that sound like they’d be perfect for your project. Check out his portfolio:

You might also like this track by @boomopera:

Good luck with your project! :wink:

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I’ve got one track that would maybe fit:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi surfcaatje!

Please take a look at this track (it is ambient but also has increasing tension and dynamics):

Thanks and good luck!

Hi, I have a couple of tracks you might like, thanks for checking out :smile:

As i understand you, you need a very quiet background (ambient) music… Try to look at this one:

And good luck!

Hey. Please try these -


or this one:

Something diferent,

Hi! My Ocean of Success was inspired by Lights&Motion, so it might fit your project wery well.
Regards, FortyTwoStudio

As AurusAudio mentioned, this track might suit your needs:

Also, another one of my tracks comes to mind:

I would also recommend SeaStockAudio. They’ve got some great tracks in the genre you’re looking for.

Thanks everybody!

Great suggestions so far!!!

Try this: Inspirational Mood

Here’s some tracks in that style for your project, mate:

Please try these:


May be these tracks

Sentimental Movie

Corporate Motivation Success

Thank you )

Most of my stuff is in a similar vein to Lights and Motion check out this one -

Hi surfcaatje!
Please check out this track

Thanks and good luck with your project!

okay, this is more for “some action” =)