Music packs - Is it worth the time?

hi guys, just wonder if many of you make music packs. Are they worth sales-wise? I am thinking of packing my best tracks into music packs but not sure if the time could be better spent simply creating more music tracks. Any advice on that? thanks a lot

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I would say yes. It’s a good way to package work you’ve already done and create another item that can be used to keep your brand out there. Personally, I’ve sold enough music packs to justify creating them.


It is not that hard to make a Pack, and it could sell quite well. I noticed two things about all that stuff: 1) Pack with low-selling (or with no sales at all) items are a waste of time. 2) Packs with best-sellers are a waste of time too. So try to balance high-selling items with not-so-high-selling items in one pack. That’s what I figured out.


Packs are very important for a portfolio, plus they don’t require that much work, so it’s a win/win situation! You just have to start packing some good sellers for it to work!

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Definitely, yes ! Easy to put together and very good to promote your items.

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Undoubtedly worth it. But keep in mind that when you sell a music package (you sell the tracks at a discount)

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thanks for the reply. I guess I will go ahead and start making packs then! :slight_smile:

wow thanks a lot! that was a VERY GOOD tip! Thanks for sharing! I will give it a goal


thanks for the opinion! :slight_smile:

HI all, thank you so much for all the replies. 3 more questions…

  1. Let’s say I want to make a pack with 3 tracks. Each track has multiple versions (2min, 1min, 30sec). In the zip file, I know I have to include all versions of each track, but the PREVIEW I only need to include the longest (full) version of each, right?

  2. Does the number of tracks in pack influences the price of the track?

  3. I can see that most packs have 3 tracks. Would you recommend that?

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  1. You should put only the main versions to the Preview, so if in your case they are also the longest - than yes)

2 and 3.
Not 100% sure about the price, but yeah, pack of 3 items is a good choice)

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Thank you my friend! :+1:t2::blush::wave:t4:

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Glad to help :wink:

Well, if you end up buying a bunch of them yourself to artificially inflate your sales, then maybe, yeah. :laughing: