Music Pack questions


Hey guys,

Can I pick your brains please? :grinning:

I’ve got a growing portfolio now and I’m looking into preparing some Music Packs for sale.

I’ve done some research on AJ and it would appear that authors commonly make packs WITHOUT the extra edits in the original sales? Not all, but most I think.

I’m assuming this is done to still provide an incentive to buy the original tracks?

So I’m considering assembling packs of 3 without the extra edits.

This seems like a good option to me.

The buyer still gets the half price deal but I’m not giving EVERYTHING with the pack (There’s still a valid reason to buy the main tracks?)

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks :grinning:


Hi, most of the times the edits are not included because there is a limited amount of files per pack. :slight_smile: There is not enough room for everybody :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh that makes sense.

I’ve had another look and it’s the opposite of what I saw before with the packs I’ve just looked at.

Thanks for replying and helping a newbie :grinning:


In my opinion you are thinking in the right direction. I have a package with additional material and without them … but the difference in sales - I do not feel.