Music pack question for experienced authors


I’m starting to upload music packs into my portfolio at the moment but I need a couple of questions answering from anybody that’s got a bit of experience in the matter:

  1. It says 10 tracks maximum in a pack but does that include different edits of each one? (e.g. do 4 different tracks included in mp3 and wav format count as 8 tracks? or if each of the four has a shorter edit included does that count as well?)
  2. What’s the optimum amount of tracks to include in a pack? I could bundle together more lots if I made 3 in each but maybe ones with four in sell more?
    Thanks for your time and (hopefully) your expert knowledge!

I believe, there is also a time limit - something like 30 minutes per pack, as I remember.
I uploaded packs long time ago, and I remember, that was a limit of 5 tracks (items) for music and 10 tracks for SFXes. I don’t know - maybe rules’ve been changed. But 5 items can include multiple versions, and as long as they all last for 30 minutes, it’s ok.
However, depending on content of pack and price of items, you can make it big or small. I think, that good strategy is to make them kinda affordable and to mix successful items with not really. So, even if some track has no sells by itself, it can have sales as part of pack.

Sorry for bad English

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