Music license for series of educational videos


I am making a series of educational videos as part of subscription based service. There will be 3 different subjects with multiple videos each.
I am thinking of having one music per subject,so I need 3 tracks that will be used in multiple videos each.
Which license should I get? From what I gathered I will need the extended licence but I can’t find it as an option anywhere.


There is no extended license for music.

If the videos are solely to be put online, then the Music Standard License is the one you want.

If the videos are to be distributed on a physical support (DVD, USB drive,…) then you will need a the Mass Reproduction license (only if you distribute more than 10 000 copies).

One license is good for one video. So usually, you would need a different license for each video. However, there is a “series policy” which allows you to use a single license for a series of up to 52 episodes/a year (whichever comes first). The videos have to share a topic and format for them to be considered part of a series.

Hope it helps!

Great! Thank you very much.

So, if I get the per month subscription at $16.50, I can get the songs that I need with the standard licence?

The subscription is for Elements, so you’ll get what’s available there. Most Audiojungle tracks are not part of this.