Music License for congresses

I create animated explainer videos. A client wants an animated explainer video, and wants to use it for advertising on the web and also wants to show the video on congresses (it is a medical topic). He wants to use the video in the US and in the european countries. Is that possible with the envato elements license, and/ or Audiojungle license? Or is there a special license requiered?

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Daniel Schulze Niehoff


The Music Standard license does allow for public performance. Your client can thus indeed show the video on congresses (as long as it’s always strictly within the end-product, your video).

However, public performances are subject to performance royalties. The Envato license is not a waiver for these royalties. Depending on the country and local Performance Rights Organizations policies, the venue may be collected for those royalties. It should be common practice for those venues anyway, but still, something to keep in mind.

Hope it helps!

Hi PurpleFog,

thank you for the information.