Music length selector doesn't work

When I try to search for music by length, it doesn’t work. Items returned in the search are not what I am asking for. For instance, I am looking for something for a :30 spot. I search for :27 - :35. I get all kinds of results much longer.

Hi @kreativelement when you filter the search by length something like 0:30 to 0:30 it will appear all tracks that have at least one version with 0:30 seconds exactly.
The length you see bellow each track is the total sum of all versions that track has but if you open any of those tracks you will have a 0:30 seconds version.
Hope I could explain how it works.


@DynaMIC-Sound-Produc is right :slightly_smiling_face:
What you see when you’re searching a music is a “Preview” file, in which there might be up to 5 versions of one soundtrack. And the length that is shown in the search results - is the combined length of these different versions.

So if you’ll buy a track with various versions, you can use the one that is 30sec long :+1:t2: