Music Kits Sections

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a Music Kit of my bestselling item here on audiojungle. I’ve have read the instructions/guide. Though i’m still confused as most kits i see are based on short tracks.
My Track is around 7 minutes (120bpm Trance) which means that i will end up having a lot of sections. I would say the more sections the better? but i’m guessing i’ll end up beyond 60? Isn’t that a lot?
(i mean you can create like 10 new tracks out of those sections lol)

The reason its that high is because of the way the melody in the track is build. its a long melody counted 32 seconds (HuH??? :open_mouth: …yes i know… :cold_sweat: )
I cant just divide it in 2 parts. it would not make sense to play around with half a melody. 4 does not work either but i tried dividing it in 8 which does work and gives the buyer even more ways to play around.

So my question is:
Does it matter how many sections you end up with because the guide talks about 10-20ish ?

If in doubt, you should rather aim for more than 20 than less than 10. To provide flexibility, you should keep the sections quite short, 4 bars would probably work but any longer than that and you may have a soft rejection. I don’t think you need to provide all the parts from your original item, as long as it is possible to puzzle together a great sounding track.

All tracks are not suitable for creating kits, maybe you’ll be better off just creating 5 different versions instead.

Hi Stockwaves,

Thank you for your reply, really appreciate it.

I will try 4 bars and i think i’ll try to work out which parts of the tracks i can keep on 8 bars. it will give me over 80 sections at least lol