Music item hard-rejected, need your opinions

Hi everyone!
My first music item was hard-rejected. Reviewers comment was: “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle”. Please, give me your feedback, what do you think was the main reason. Thank you, and I wish you success and happiness in the new year.

I think it’s the strings. You should invest to a better sounding string library.

Or you can work more to make them sound realistic.

Thanks a lot, I’ll consider that surely.

I was wondering what does the phrase “commercial quality standard” from the review mean. Because, when there is a technical/production quality issue, reviewers use the phrase “general quality standard”.

It’s a standart reply.
Mixing, arrangement, bad composition etc. It could be anything.

I don’t know if you resolved this, but at 0:44 I heard a melody that very closely resembled “I saw mommy kissing santa clause.” Perhaps it sounds like alike and so was rejected?