Music in the video game - CID conflict

The buyer asked me to remove my track from CID due to detections on the community’s video gameplays.

Well, I believe the only way to solve it is to buy exclusive rights for the music. Am I right?

They should be able to use the license he got upon buying the track to clear the claim. If the license is not sufficient they should buy an upgraded license, relating to a bigger broadcast audience for example.

If they mean that users of the game post videos online and those videos lead to claims, there’s nothing to do. each individual gamer buying a license is not really an option. You could negotiate exclusivity indeed, but I would charge a serious amount that reflects that.

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Yep. Though not all rights have to be transferred. Track still can be non-exclusive but only some of the rights should be exclusive (e.g. right to transfer rights to creators of the gameplays).

Negotiating which rights you need to include in the direct license is a great strategy and can give many profits for both: author and client.

Btw selling right to transfer rights makes your track non-eligible for the Identifyy.

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