Music Help !!!! Need advice!!!!

Dear colleagues !!! Recorded the song. I want to place on this site for sale. Need advice in which category to load. What do you think?

Cinematic-romantic or electronic music you decide

Can be both categories @AmazAudio said. Maybemore the electronic categorie, because of the sound.
Hope it gets accepted.

Try Electronic. If the reviewer disagrees, the track will be put in another category. If you can’t decide for yourself, try “Miscellaneous” - they never really want to put stuff there so that’s like forcing them to pick a category for you :sunglasses:

I think to make two versions of the track
1.Full the arrangement was put in electronics.
2. Piano solo to put in a cinematic romantic.
3.Full+ solo piano=Music kit
Do you think it possible to do so?

When you say Music Kit I believe you mean Music Pack.

You can try, but in general it’s not allowed to upload the same song twice. If the two tracks sound similar, better to upload them as two “Versions” of the same item.

Like this:

I understand