Music has been rejected

Hey guys!

My track that I submitted has been hard rejected and of course as you all know, I don’t know why. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions / feedback to help me understand and fix my mistakes it would be greatly appreciated!



Hello! My opinion is that the track failed due to the rhythmic errors of an acoustic guitar and the general sound of a midi sound.


Hello, I am pretty sure the rejection is due to the “midi” sound produced by this guitar…
Just after 5 seconds, I know the track won’t make it, it really does not sound natural, and can’t compete with the other tracks on this site, I am afraid…


That’s totally fair! I’ll try replacing the guitar with something more organic. Thanks for the insight guys!

curious and interesting track… I would like to say something :smiley:
agree with @frozenjazz and @SkyRecords
maybe from the start the rhythm from guitar sounds a little out of commercial scene.
I also would change the melodic line… I think it could be adapt better to the harmonic changes. Sounds a little bit weird. just my opinion.
good luck!

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For sure! Thanks for the feedback, I’ll definitely switch up the melodic line a bit to make it fit nicer!