Music for Youtube

Hi, guys!

I bought a song from audiojungle with Music Standard License. That song I will can use on every video I upload on YouTube? Because I want to use it like a intro and outro music.



Allowed Uses have these limitations:

  1. For digitally downloaded or physical End Products, there is a limit of 10,000 copies.

  2. Broadcast use is not allowed.

  3. For films, the film may not be theatrically released. (To avoid confusion, use in an Indie Film is an Allowed Use.)

  4. For P.R.O. Music, public performance rights are not included with this license. See clause 14 for more details.

We have other licenses available which don’t have these limits (i.e. for mass reproduction, wider broadcast, and theatrically released film).
Examples of downloaded or physical products are downloaded podcasts, apps, downloaded games, downloaded e-books, and DVDs. See the Definitions section to understand what Broadcast and Indie Film mean.

take a look on this page you will get more information about AudioJungle License


In short you need the Music Standard License for intro/outro as long as the videos are connected and if so the license last up to 52 videos or a year, whatever comes first (this is how long a Standard license lasts)

You can read more in depth here