Music for HUD Style Opener

Hi guys i just start to create ae opener template but i dont know which music i must choose. any suggestions? (p.s i will notice music links in item description)

The music is completely up to you I guess. It’s more of a stylistic choice rather than a specific genre that goes with such things. Like how an epic battle scene would sound good with energetic fast paced music, but it could also sound good with a relatively slow, poignant, classical piece… allowing the viewer to contemplate the importance of the situation and the atrocities of war.

A lot of the people making HUD’s today go for epic trailer like music with a hint of futuristic/dubstep/electro. Like a cross between some kind of Inception trailer and a Skrillex concert. That would probably be the safe choice to go for. I’ve got a SFX pack including a HUD sound effect in my portfolio that might come in handy…

And a computer voice pack if you need something like that…

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I guess it depends on what direction your template are taking? Is it fast paced and action filled or perhaps slower, darker?

Here’s a few examples from my portfolio with some fast paced and aggressive trailer style music.

Trailer style music with big impacts and a percussive build up
Heavy and aggressive dubstep track with orchestral elements
Trailer style music with heavy percussion and fast paced strings
Trailer style music with a percussion and string build up towards the end

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guys thanks for reply , my opener will 15 second length its will @ironman helmet@ style now i started but i have no idea what i will do . because i think i can’t find right track . any another suggestions? (p.s both portfolios and musics are awesome ! but this is not i want)

Well, point us in a direction? Perhaps post a link to a YouTube video with the style of music your searching for?

Otherwise, I’m always up for a collaboration and could write something custom and then upload to AJ when we’re ready to submit.

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My suggestion,

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Hello @YOUMOTION, check this ident image

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Hello! Chek this :smile: )

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Hi @YOUMOTION - Here are a couple examples of different styles from my portfolio. Thanks for listening and good luck!

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you can try this
Epic Opener

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Here’s a few suggestions:

And good luck with your project, mate!

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Try listening to these tracks

Ambient Logo Sitar

Hip-Hop Beat

More Logos

Thank you!

Hi! You can check this music.
This is hi-tech electronic music, I can make short version special for your project.
Just yesterday I’ve send this track for submission on audiojungle, so it will be here after 10 day, if curator will approve it.

How about a ‘rocky’ entrance ?

Try to use this item:

I think this might work for a digital/projected HUD and it’s actually 15 seconds long if used without the gradual 3-second intro:

hey! this item has an action intro included. Check it out)

here’s another one