music for animated corporate design presentation

I am looking for something like this:

Modern, technical/electronic. Not too agressive, not too fast, but dynamic and slowly progressing. Should have kind of an ambient background music but I want to be able to cut to fit the beats and kicks to the transitions.

Anyone got some recommendations? Scrolling through audiojungle for a few days now… the closest I got was this one



Our recommendation is these tracks, each have 4 versions and two of them are loopable:

Indie Pop is more near to ambient, but in the music, as you can hear there are snaps and percussions to be able to cut perfectly. The tempo is 180 bpm, so is pretty dynamic.

This Is Real Estate is also a dynamic song and is slowly progressing, with cool transitions.

Energetic Hip-Hop is a cool background song. Is an energetic one, is near to that one what you linked here.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:
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A few suggestions:

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