Music Extended License vs Music Broadcast & Film


I purchased 4 items (4 music themes) on Audiojungle with the Music Broadcast & Film License.

I’m planning to use these 4 tracks within a mobile app, where the final user will be able to select these tracks to create a playlist. However, I’m not sure if this license (Music Broadcast & Film) is considered to be an Extended License, meaning that I can sell these 4 tracks individually within the App (not to be downloaded by the user, only to be listened while using the App).

Thanks in advance for your kind help!!

Actually, I am not sure about that. You’re basically reselling them but also not redistributing.

When in doubt contact support and ask them.

Their licenses FAQ says this:

As a rule of thumb, the music alone must not comprise the primary value of the end product, and should have speech overlayed and interspersed throughout

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