Music Chart Theme or Plugin

I’m Wondering if there is any Music Themes with any Music Charts functions. I’ve bing looking for a few years now and i have tried a few plugins but nothing of any use .

What i was looking for was a theme or plugin that would enable me to have 10 to 100 on the Music Chart on the one page. thumbnail with Youtube Video enabled when pressed .

Numbered each artists and a functionality that I can easily change each week from the back end.
Spotify , Itunes and Buy CD or Vinyl buttons to put artists links into.
A share feature so artist can share their track and position on the Chart.
Somewhere I put my logo in the Chart.
Just an overall feel good Music Chart that encourages each artist to get involved in their own Music promotion.
The best example i see is this link

Let me know anyone if you have idea or know of anything out there in development. Would welcome and developers input to this . obviously it need to be responsive also … Thanks in Advance